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Our newly designed online Golf Shop allows Members of our golfing society website clients to purchase branded society merchandise directly from their preferred supplier. For example, our Hazards Golfing Society client have a direct relationship with Walton Heath Golf Club in Surrey.

When they place the order on the website, the order and funds go directly to the professional at Walton Heath. They then deal directly with the client so that the Honorary Secretary has no involvement at all.

Gone are the days of one member of the society holding stock at their home. There is no need for the society to tie up plenty of their cash in merchandise either. In the example of Walton Heath, members place their order, and each order is ‘made to order’.

Members are able to choose how they receive their order:

  • Shipped directly to them (£5 charge added before checkout)
  • Pick up directly from Walton Heath Golf Club (no delivery charge)

Members will be able to make payment with Debit and Credit Card – including American Express.

When the order is placed, members can expect to receive it within 3 weeks.

Click here to visit the Hazards Golfing Society Society website.

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Lloyd’s Golf Club was our first ever net72 contract in 2008. Over the years, we have refreshed the site a number of times. Lloyd’s Golf Club utilize our full website functionality, including the members area, that houses the members directory, match management module, online payment system, as well as the new online club shop.

With a membership of over 500 people from the Lloyd’s London Insurance market, in the secure password protected section, they can access the members directory so that they can get in touch with other members of the club.

Lloyd’s Golf Club have a very extensive fixtures calendar, with 34 events throughout the year, members can make themselves available for match selection through the website, sign up and pay for the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings, as well as buy a table at the annual dinner at Merchant Taylors’ Hall.

A recent addition to the Lloyd’s Golf Club offering is the online shop. LGC Member’s can now order their LGC branded Glenmuir merchandise online – and this ‘stash’ is administered by Simon Peaford at the Walton Heath Golf Club Professional’s shop. LGC members can either have their order delivered directly to them, or pick it up next time they are at Walton Heath.

Click here to view the Lloyd’s Golf Club website.

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