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Our long standing client Chayora, who are developing a series of hyperscale, fully licensed data centre campuses in key locations across China, commissioned net72 to design and print a new brochure to promote the launch of their first site in Tianjin.

This is a very exciting time for Chayora, who have been forging important partnerships in recent years with major corporations in the Western world, who realise the importance of having a presence in China.

Our team worked directly with Chayora’s marketing consultants to ensure that all of the marketing collateral was on point with the brand guidlines – and delivered the project on time and on budget.


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Following the success of the first Cadogan Charity Concert in 2015, our client from Prestigic Holdings, Adrian Goldsmith commissioned net72 to design a website to increase the stature of the event before the second event in May 2018.

The charity for the 2018 event was the Urology Foundation. The money raised went directly into the research and towards the long-awaited goal of just taking a pill to stop a cancer.

The website used imagery and video footage from the 2015 event to give interested parties a flavour of what they may expect from the charity evening – and was used as the main marketing tool for selling tickets.

Net72 were also involved in setting up their social media channels, with Facebook being the most effective channel to increase followers.

Click here to visit Cadogan Charity Concert website.

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pages Mainspring Brochure

Our new client, Mainspring Fund Services, instructed us to design and print a series of brochures for the different parts of their business. Mainspring’s main sectors include Private Equity, Venture Capital and Custody & Nominee – and they require corporate brochures for each of these areas.

We worked with their management team to come up with the design and content, before arranging the brochure to be printed to be delivered in time for the Spring client drinks party.

We are working with Mainspring essentially as their external marketing department, as we are helping them during an exciting expansion phase of their business.

Click here to view the Mainspring Fund Services website.

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beach rugby crowd

Supporting LBR

net72 have a long association with London Beach Rugby – an event where the organisers drop 5 tonnes of sand into an iconic London venue. London Beach Rugby have held the event in Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, Finsbury Square and by Tower Bridge. The competition is typically split over 2 days – with corporate teams on the first day, then club and invitational on the second.

We have worked with London Beach Rugby from the very beginning. We worked with their team to create their brand, we designed their stationary, we developed the website and also match day programmes.

Teams needed the ability to sign up to the events online – so LBR utilized our Formcraft booking plugin to facilitate this. After the event, we administer the website for them, adding photo galleries and video footage from the event.

Click here to see the London Beach Rugby website.

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net72 look after all Waud Wines marketing requirements. This has included creating various brands, websites, stationary, corporate and investment brochures and social media over the past 6 years.

The core of the Waud Wines offering has been the Waud Wine Club – their private members organisation for their 200 or so members. The members receive themed mixed taster cases three times a year. In their mixed case, they have a hard copy booklet.

These comprehensive tasting notes display the wines, the prices, the grape varieties, the tasting notes and suggested food matches. The tasting notes are eductational, but written in a way that isn’t too stuffy!

Follow this link to check out some of the Waud Wine Club tasting notes.

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Riverhouse Partners, a global executive search and consultancy firm have been a client of net72 since 2010. We originally created their logo, branding and stationary set, then over the years have updated their website with new designs to more accurately reflect the size of their business.

Powerful photography is key to any good looking website, and on Riverhouse we have some really impressive photos at our disposal. Riverhouse Partners deal in established markets such as New York, Paris, Frankfurt, as well as in Emerging markets, such as Moscow, South Africa and Congo – and the photography throughout the website reflects the different cultures in these different countries.

We have worked with Riverhouse to make sure that we are GDPR compliant.

Click here to view the Riverhouse Partners website.

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