Net72 launches new website for Riverhouse Partners

Net72 have developed a fantastic new website for existing client and financial services headhunters Riverhouse Partners. A personal favourite of ours with high resolution images and gripping content that is ideal for mobile browsing.


Exciting new editions have been added to this site, including a portfolio style case study section featuring plenty of interesting real life articles about past Riverhouse activities, that truly gives you a feel of what the business is really about. The case studies are categorised by the practice area they relate too, and use the same portfolio image depending on the area. These seven separate practice areas such as ‘Investment Management’ can be navigated through the right hand menu.


There were fantastic images of the whole team provided to us that enabled us to create a stylish team page. Clicking into a certain team member reveals their profile that includes; their job role, biography, relevant practice areas, contact email and a link to their LinkedIn profile.