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Did you realise that Google discriminates against badly designed or insecure websites?

In this digital age, your website is often the first impression a potential client gets of your firm – but did you know that the design of your website or its security status can seriously affect your website’s Google listing and even put people off.

Over the last twelve-months, more emphasis is being placed on Security Certificates (SSL) and Responsiveness (how a web site will display on a phone). A secure, responsive site will list higher than one that isn’t. What’s more, Google Chrome now puts a big red Not Secure right next to your web address in their browser when someone visits your site.

To help you see how your site measures up, you can use our Free Website Audit Tool – fill in your details and the address of your website and we will generate and email a full audit Free of Charge.

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For your Free website Audit, please enter your website URL, email-address and your name.

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