Net72 are pleased to announce the website launch of start up business – Milestone Recruit. Milestone Recruit provides bespoke candidate selection services for the employee benefits industry. They provide a number of services to their clients, including Individual Placements, CV Reviews, CV Writing, Supplier Agreements and cost effective solutions for companies that want to make multiple hires throughout the year.

Net72 built a WordPress website that promotes Milestone Recruit to their UK wide audience. Visitors to the website will be able to see what Milestone Recruit is all about, as well as see what vacancies there are available. Users will also be able to see what services are available to them, as well as reading Industry Insights.

We base our websites on a publicly available Content Managed System (CMS), WordPress, that allows users to update the site with no specialised knowledge of website coding or programming.

More and more people wish to access websites when they are on the move. Therefore websites need to work on all platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and other devices. The Milestone Recruit website is designed to be responsive, that means the layout of the site is automatically adjusted to display the content optimally on each different device.

Please click here to view the new Milestone Recruit website.

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Earlier this year we were pleased to launch a new website for The Bar Golfing Society. The Society was founded in 1903 and is open to all members and former members of the Bar of England and Wales.

The front end of the website promotes the society and the activities it undertakes – then in the Members’ area, members will be able to sign up to matches and meetings, as well as pay for their entrance fees online.

As well as being a promotional piece, the website is designed to make the life of the Hon Sec or Match Managers far easier. Gone are the days of having endless spreadsheets and entrance forms, as well as dealing with cheques when the golf day comes around!

Take a look at this website and get some inspiration for your golf society website –

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We are pleased to have worked with the most prestigious amateur golf tournament in the world – the Halford Hewitt.

The Halford Hewitt is one of Britain’s most competitive golf tournaments, contested between teams of 10 former pupils from the 64 schools which make up the membership of the Public Schools Golfing Society, and it is also one of the game’s most convivial social gatherings, something which is entirely appropriate considering it was conceived during a luncheon meeting at one of England’s finest golf clubs.

We now have a very enviable collection of golfing society clients, covering schools including Old Salopians Golfing Society, Old Hurst Johnians Golfing Society and Old Millfieldians Golfing Society –  to industry specific golfing societies such as Lloyd’s Golf Club, The Bar Golfing Society, Chartered Surveyors Golfing Society, Stock Exchange Golfing Society and London Solicitors Golfing Society. We also have a selection of societies that have a common interest in golf and camaraderie, such as the Hazards Golfing Society and Lucifer Golfing Society.

What net72 websites are designed for:

a) To be an effective administrative tool for the Secretary to run the Society’s affairs efficiently
b) Enable members to express their interest for matches and meetings online
c) Take payment securely through the website for matches and meetings online
d) Assist match managers to manage their teams online
e) Maintain its archives and make them accessible to members
f) Provide members with Society news, match reports and details of events
g) Provide a means of purchasing Society merchandise online
h) Provide a Members Directory that only accessible to members (that members keep up-to-date themselves)

Click here to view the new Halford Hewitt website. 

If you are interested in discussing the options we have available to your golfing society, please get in touch by emailing, or call the Net72 head office on +44 20 7940 5503.

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We are very pleased to launch a website for an Algarve holiday villa in Portugal. This website was able to utilise fabulous photography to show the property off at it’s best – as well as make use of one of our booking modules. Potential customers will be able to visit the site, view the weeks that are available to book, calculate the charges for that week, then request to book that week online.

Located around 30 minutes from Faro airport, Vivenda Aurora is a secluded and spacious villa that is situated on top of its own hill, with breathtaking views. It is the perfect location for mixed group and family holidays.

Built on WordPress, this website uses a responsive template so that users can access and book whilst on the move – whether on phones, tablets or desktops.

Take a look around the website for yourself – and if you are interested in a holiday for you, your friends or your family, why not check out the availability?

Click here to view the net72 website for Vivenda Aurora, an Algarve holiday villa. 

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Thrilled to release our latest Golfing Society template for the Stock Exchange Golfing Society.

The SEGS required a website that would reduce the overall admin carried out by the joint secretaries, the website now acts as their booking platform  matches and meetings with safe payment through stripe.

Match Managers can now fully manage their matches through the website, without the involvement of either secretary, as they receive an email each time a member makes a booking on the website, they can then decide whether to approve the booking for team selection.

Contacting fellow members of the society has never been simpler with a detailed Members Directory hidden from the public, only accessible when logged in which features all the relevant information for each member, this info is simply kept up to date with an easy to use user profile area.

A Club Shop, with the latest Glenmuir 2019 apparel with an embroidered society crest, is available for Members, purchase through the website which can be delivered with as little as one order. So no need for the committee to carry around boxes of old stock in sizes S & XXXL to each meeting!

This is brand new template from net72, brings golfing societies into 2019!

Visit the Stock Exchange Golfing Society Website


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Thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new Aspect Surveyors website, Aspect surveyors required a new website that was responsive and accessible on all devices for their clients – as the existing website was fairly outdated and not relevant to the business in 2018.

With fresh content informing visitors of the many services Aspect offer, along with a friendly meet the team page. This coupled with cutting edge design, truly is a great addition to the net72 portfolio.

For more information please visit –

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mainspring office doors

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest website for our new client, Mainspring Fund Services.

Mainspring provides fund administration and accounting services with a focus on technology and service quality for private equity, venture capital, real estate, debt and infrastructure funds.

Mainspring desperately needed to refresh their image as they become a bigger player in the market – the new look website certainly reflects this. The new website outlines their main service offerings, a smart Meet the Team page, as well as useful News and Insights sections where they publish their thought pieces.

Take a look at this link to see their new website –

We have also designed and printed the first of three corporate brochures for Mainspring for their PE and Venture Capital sectors.

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There was a recent study that showed that 60% of small UK businesses (companies with 5 staff or less) do not have their own website. The majority of these small businesses were local businesses. The excuses for not having a website seemed to be pretty consistent. Some owners did not think the size of their business meant that they needed a website, whilst others cited cost and lack of time as reasons for not having one created.

When asked how they found business, the business owners said they relied on word or mouth, local advertising and business listings (such as Yell) to create new business opportunities.  However, these owners are missing some obvious tricks by not having a website.

If you are a small business owner and are thinking about taking the plunge on a website – take a look at the 4 main reasons of why net72 believe you need a website.

1. Access to customers outside your town and county

Before the internet became so widely available and used, almost all local businesses would have only had competition from other companies in the same town or region as them. If someone wanted to book a holiday, buy a car, or buy their groceries for example, they would have walked down to the town, gone into a shop and spent their money there.

With the internet, shoppers have access to a worldwide market – and therefore ‘local businesses’ can sell their produce and services all over the world.

There are of course pro’s and con’s, threats and opportunities here for local businesses.

It’s a threat because many customers look online, rather than coming to visit your shop. This means your local market will, effectively, shrink, putting your business at risk. However, the internet also offers up opportunities for you to sell anywhere too – so what you may lose locally in sales, you can more than make up for by selling further afield. If you sell wine in Gravesend, you can sell wine in Glasgow too!

However, this is only really possible if you have a channel/medium to sell it from. This is why having a website is so important for your business – it is your shopfront to a worldwide audience.

2. Communicate with new and retained customers

Your website is not just there to sell your products and services, a website is also a way of building your brand, and subsequently relationships with customers so that they become ‘retained’ customers and stay loyal to you and your business. Once you have an impressive website, you have a genuine reason to keep in touch with them over the long term and owners can use this to their considerable advantage.

The website is not just your online brochure, websites now have the functionality to advertise events, products or sales, offer voucher codes, run competitions and much much more. There are plenty of innovative ways to generate new business, and retain the customers so that they come back for more.

Once you have built trust with a customer, it is a proven fact that even when a customer can find something cheaper elsewhere, they are much more likely to stay with a business that they have built a relationship with – this is even becoming the case when people have bought and ordered online.

3. Showcase your products or services to a worldwide audience

Obviously, once your website is up and running, not only can you tell your customers and potential customers that visit your website about your products and services, you can also persuade them to order online.

Modern websites that tend to be designed in a template format allow you to create portfolios of your best work, so if you are an artist, graphic designer or landscape gardener you can showcase the quality of your work. If you work in the retail sector, you can create an e-commerce site so customers can purchase products there and then.

This is important for your business as online buyers expect to be able to see what they are looking for and, if it is for sale, to be able to buy there and then. If they can’t, they’ll almost certainly look elsewhere.

4. Extend your opening hours to 24/7

The beauty of the internet is that it is open 24/7. This means that you do not have to be at your shop, and you can still make sales.

Having a simple contact form on the website means that customers can get in touch with you 24/7 – that would simply not work without a website.

So in conclusion

You will find that more and more people use the internet to research and find local services or products. Their expectation is that every company will have a website – if they have a bad website, it is arguably worse than not having one at all!

From reading our article that is focused on local businesses, you should now understand the importance of having an online presence and how it can benefit you in many different ways.

If you would like to get to discuss how net72 can help you, please fill in the form on our contact page.

How is your current website performing?

If you have a website and are interested in how it is performing, why not try out our free website audit. It is incredibly quick – and enlightening! Click here to try it now!

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We are pleased to announce the release of Incentive FM Group’s latest communication tool: Incentive Connect.

Incentive Connect is the one stop shop for their Incentive to view all the latest information & documentation from across the Group.

The aim of this publication is to reduce the volume of internal emails from the various areas of the business, to instead have one secure area where all information can be safely accessed.

We have incorporated the Incentive Connect portal into the private Incentive social networking site ‘My-Incentive’. This is so that only staff with a login can view the content.

We are carefully monitoring who has viewed the publication, through the use of our SendPress module that allows contacts with the right permissions to view who has actually clicked/opened the email. This also allows us to calculate bounce backs.

Users are required to confirm that they have read and understood all of the information in the publication. Users must submit their details through a form at the bottom of the page – making analysis extremely easy and accurate.

Click here to visit the Incentive FM Group websites.



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Website updates were carried out for our client Jackson Nugent Vintners to ensure the website and data captured on their site is fully compliant with EU Law regarding GDPR which comes into play Friday 25th May.

Updates include:

  • An in-depth GDPR policy statement, written and added to the website footer, which informs customers of why/ how long and who sees their personal data, with the option to contact the team to have personal information removed.
  • On the Contact form, we have included a paragraph to inform whoever is contacting JNV that their details will NOT be passed onto any third party, and are only used to contact them directly. “The details that you supply in this contact form will only be used by us to contact you. You have the right to contact us at any time to request to see your contact details on file. You can request for your details to be deleted from our system at any time. Your details will not be passed on to any other party”
  • A MailChimp to all clients was sent to give them the option to opt out of any promotional emails / other forms of communications from JNV in the future.

Click here to visit Jackson Nugent Vintners website.

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