Did you know that over 60% of web browsing is done from mobile phones? With more and more people accessing the internet on the go, it’s critical that your website is responsive.

Responsiveness means a website functions effectively on multiple devices and platforms: this includes graphics being scaled to fit the size of the screen and visitors being able to see all content regardless of the device being used. Having a non-responsive website could mean visitors miss out on important information, potentially causing your business to miss out.

Having a responsive website also means replacing documents that need to be downloaded and filled in with built in forms. This saves time and effort when it comes to managing your members.

Net72 can help with this. Our websites are designed to be effective on all platforms, ensuring your customers get the information they need. Interested? Contact us at

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At net72 we’re passionate about creating intelligent and exciting websites. We believe an impressive website is critical for successfully marketing your business. However, many people either have an out of date website or none at all. So why is this?

  1. It’s too complicated – A large part of building websites involves writing code, this is a skill not a lot of people have.
  2. People don’t know where to start – Building a website from scratch can be overwhelming due to the amount of options you have on design and content.
  3. A DIY website is too basic – Some people worry creating their own website might be too basic or boring.

This is where we come in. Net72 is a full service digital marketing agency: our experienced team will help you create exactly the website you want without any hassle. With our portfolio of past projects to give you inspiration, we can guide you every step of the way and tailor your website build to your exact needs. Need social media management services or matching brochures designed? We can do that too.

Interested? Drop us an email at for more information!

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Since the launch of Netflix and YouTube in the early 2000s, video has grown to become one of the most powerful marketing tools in business. The combination of audio and fast paced moving images can bring a whole new level of understanding and interest to your product, grabbing the attention of potential clients more effectively than other forms of media.

According to a 2020 study by Wyzowl, 95% of marketers said the use of video had increased understanding of their product or service, and there’s a reason why. Take the debate of films vs books as an example: many people say they find films and TV easier to understand and follow than reading a book of the same story. For viewers, this more enjoyable experience means it is far easier to convey information about your business or product.

We created a short explainer video for Clutch Space Systems, a small and relatively new business that creates software for the satellite industry. In sectors like this where the product being sold is extremely technical, a video explaining the key points of the product can be highly beneficial to gaining new customers.

Net72 can provide you with a video production package tailored to suit your needs. Take a look at the explainer video we created for Clutch Space Systems on their website.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website for Clutch Space Systems. The old website didn’t effectively communicate the mission and services of the business. In order to make this clearer to prospective clients we created a short video that explains Clutch Space Systems’ main product and the services they offer. Our client also decided they wanted a ‘moving background’ to look like space on the home page which we designed and sourced to suit their needs. You can view the website at

“Delighted with Clutch Space Systems’ new website and our creative explainer video. Development and launch of our new site was timed to reflect the growth of our business as we have raised new finances, expanded the team and are actively growing our client portfolio, so we were looking for a complete image refresh. During development we worked with several of Net72’s team – Doc on the video and Darcy & Holly on content and layout of the main site. We were particularly impressed by Doc’s creative input on the video and Darcy & Holly who were highly responsive immediately pre-launch and during development of the main site itself. Thanks to the team at Net72.”

Martin Philp, CEO, Clutch Space Systems

Clutch Space Systems are a Surrey based company with the aim of removing the cost and complexity of satellite communications through skills, expertise and products for the control, operation and communication with satellites and other platforms, including TTC and the transmission and reception of payload data for ground processing. They are also a Residential Member of the Surrey SETSquared Incubator.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Beavis Morgan website.

This has been one of our most exciting recent projects where we have worked closely with the Beavis Morgan team to tailor their new website to suit their wants and needs. Several months of hard work from our team has resulted in a smart, elegant and professional looking website that more accurately represents the Beavis Morgan Group brand.

They needed a new and improved website to properly showcase their services and expertise to replace the old outdated website they had previously been using. (shown below).


One area of the website that was in great need of improvement was their ‘Our People’ page. Their old website featured tiny, low quality photos with limited profile information. As part of our work we introduced Beavis to a professional photographer we have worked with in the past to produce a set of smart and exciting head shots for their team. The result was a sophisticated and modern page of content that successfully showcases every member of staff. Click here to take a look.

In light of the recent Covid-19 situation, Beavis needed a quick and professional way to keep their clients in the loop with Company updates as well as the latest Government updates. In order to achieve this we created a sophisticated Covid-19 portal which contains vital information and weekly updates. Click here to visit the portal.

Having a consistent theme and design to your corporate website is critical to ensure your business stands out for the right reasons and highlights everything your clients need to know about you.

Beavis Morgan is part of the Beavis Morgan group which comprises a number of businesses offering a range of accounting, tax, business advisory and restructuring services. This is the second website we have built for their group, having previously designed a website for Beavis Morgan’s smaller division Beavis Morgan R&D.

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Did you know we also manage marketing and branding for businesses? We recently created these business cards for Specialist Window Cleaning.

Specialist Window Cleaning was formed in 2010 by Gareth Thomas. The company has since grown to become a national window cleaning provide and operates as part of Incentive FM Group under the SWC brand delivering services for both Incentive FM and Incentive QAS in addition to providing services for its expanding standalone client base.

If you’re interested in any marketing or design collateral then please contact Darcy:
Office: 020 7940 5503
Mobile: 07568 582657

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We are pleased to announce the completion of the refurbishment of the Jackson Nugent Vintners website.

Jackson Nugent Vintners Ltd are Specialist Fine Wine Suppliers to the UK and Export Markets that pride themselves on their close, working partnerships with producers and customers and their passion for what they do.

We have created a new logo and overall style for the website, including updated designs for menus and content pages that will give the website a modern and sophisticated quality.

The new website (pictured below) is now live:

The old website (below).

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This week Holly Anne Scrivener joined the net72 team as Client Services Administrator. Holly will be taking over the management of the net72 social media accounts as well as assisting with administrative tasks and being a first point of contact for clients. She is excited to be joining the business and is looking forward to starting a new career in London.

You can reach her here:


Office: 020 7940 5503

Mobile: 07964 552019

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Here at net72 we have recently recorded and produced these fantastic executive interview videos for our client Chayora.

Videography is a really effective way to get a message across to your followers using high-quality eye-catching shots.

We have then added a selection of these videos to the Chayora website using a fortnightly rotation which means no video will be displayed for too long and will be ever changing to keep their audience intrigued.


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We have just designed the brand new website for the Elders golfing society. The society was founded in 1996.

The Elders were set on their way at lunch in Royal St George’s clubhouse on Easter Monday 1994. William Seabrook, our Founder, had been playing with Nigel Gardner, and they went in to lunch and joined the club’s secretary, Gerald Watts. Nigel and Gerald had recently failed to find success in The Seniors ballot and were moaning about that, but Will (as he was known) said there was to be no moaning at Royal St George’s and suggested that the three of them should set up a new society.

What our golfing society websites are designed to do;

  • To be an effective administrative tool for the Secretary to run the Society’s affairs efficiently.
  • Enable members to express their interest for matches and meetings online.
  • Take payment securely through the website for matches and meetings online.
  • Assist match managers to manage their teams online.
  • Maintain its archives and make them accessible to members.
  • Provide members with Society news, match reports and details of events.
  • Provide a means of purchasing Society merchandise online.
  • Provide a Members Directory that only accessible to members (that members keep up-to-date themselves).

As well as the Elders, we have a very impressive collection of golfing society clients, covering schools including Old Salopians Golfing Society, Old Hurst Johnians Golfing Society. Industry specific golfing societies such as Lloyd’s Golf Club, The Bar Golfing Society, Chartered Surveyors Golfing Society, Stock Exchange Golfing Society and London Solicitors Golfing Society. We also have a selection of societies that have a common interest in golf and camaraderie, such as the Hazards Golfing Society and Lucifer Golfing Society.

Demonstration Website

At net72 we have created a website offering that has been specifically developed to meet the needs of Golfing Societies.
We understand that golfing societies have a particular set of needs and requirements – and we now have an enviable group of clients utilising our technology.

Please follow this link to check out the functionality we have available to you –

If you are interested in discussing the options we have available to your golfing society, please get in touch by emailing, or call the net72 head office on +44 20 7940 5503.

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