Improving Efficiency Within a Golf Society

Golf Society websites have very particular needs and, as many societies have come to realise, are not the same as Golf Club websites. We specialise in providing sophisticated and intelligent websites for Golf Societies, designed to take the stress away from the secretary’s and match managers. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Match Management – Our system negates the need for endless emails, spreadsheets and dealing with cheques when planning matches. Generally, once someone has signed up and paid they don’t pull out last minute! Our websites make it easy for members to express their interest with a single click. The Match Manager receives the request and can easily communicate right from the website using the built in mailing list.
  2. Member Directory and Communication – Keeping the member information up to date is another bane of the secretary’s life – as people move home, change job, get a new email address or change their mobile phone. Our Member Management module helps simplify the issue and the Member Directory also allows members of the Golfing Society to keep in touch with each other. Our Golfing Society Email module enables you to create mailing lists from the information in your Member Directory meaning all communication can take place quickly and cheaply online.
  3. Society Merchandise – To save your society having to tie up valuable cash in stock – and the Hon Sec having to hold merchandise to put in the boot of the car and try to flog at the Spring Meeting – our online shop allows Society members to order items via the website. They deal directly with your preferred supplier – or one of our partners as appropriate. No stock to hold, no cash tied up, no stress!
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