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Did you know that over 60% of web browsing is done from mobile phones? With more and more people accessing the internet on the go, it’s critical that your website is responsive.

Responsiveness means a website functions effectively on multiple devices and platforms: this includes graphics being scaled to fit the size of the screen and visitors being able to see all content regardless of the device being used. Having a non-responsive website could mean visitors miss out on important information, potentially causing your business to miss out.

Having a responsive website also means replacing documents that need to be downloaded and filled in with built in forms. This saves time and effort when it comes to managing your members.

Net72 can help with this. Our websites are designed to be effective on all platforms, ensuring your customers get the information they need. Interested? Contact us at info@net72.co.uk

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At net72 we’re passionate about creating intelligent and exciting websites. We believe an impressive website is critical for successfully marketing your business. However, many people either have an out of date website or none at all. So why is this?

  1. It’s too complicated – A large part of building websites involves writing code, this is a skill not a lot of people have.
  2. People don’t know where to start – Building a website from scratch can be overwhelming due to the amount of options you have on design and content.
  3. A DIY website is too basic – Some people worry creating their own website might be too basic or boring.

This is where we come in. Net72 is a full service digital marketing agency: our experienced team will help you create exactly the website you want without any hassle. With our portfolio of past projects to give you inspiration, we can guide you every step of the way and tailor your website build to your exact needs. Need social media management services or matching brochures designed? We can do that too.

Interested? Drop us an email at info@net72.co.uk for more information!

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Since the launch of Netflix and YouTube in the early 2000s, video has grown to become one of the most powerful marketing tools in business. The combination of audio and fast paced moving images can bring a whole new level of understanding and interest to your product, grabbing the attention of potential clients more effectively than other forms of media.

According to a 2020 study by Wyzowl, 95% of marketers said the use of video had increased understanding of their product or service, and there’s a reason why. Take the debate of films vs books as an example: many people say they find films and TV easier to understand and follow than reading a book of the same story. For viewers, this more enjoyable experience means it is far easier to convey information about your business or product.

We created a short explainer video for Clutch Space Systems, a small and relatively new business that creates software for the satellite industry. In sectors like this where the product being sold is extremely technical, a video explaining the key points of the product can be highly beneficial to gaining new customers.

Net72 can provide you with a video production package tailored to suit your needs. Take a look at the explainer video we created for Clutch Space Systems on their website.

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There was a recent study that showed that 60% of small UK businesses (companies with 5 staff or less) do not have their own website. The majority of these small businesses were local businesses. The excuses for not having a website seemed to be pretty consistent. Some owners did not think the size of their business meant that they needed a website, whilst others cited cost and lack of time as reasons for not having one created.

When asked how they found business, the business owners said they relied on word or mouth, local advertising and business listings (such as Yell) to create new business opportunities.  However, these owners are missing some obvious tricks by not having a website.

If you are a small business owner and are thinking about taking the plunge on a website – take a look at the 4 main reasons of why net72 believe you need a website.

1. Access to customers outside your town and county

Before the internet became so widely available and used, almost all local businesses would have only had competition from other companies in the same town or region as them. If someone wanted to book a holiday, buy a car, or buy their groceries for example, they would have walked down to the town, gone into a shop and spent their money there.

With the internet, shoppers have access to a worldwide market – and therefore ‘local businesses’ can sell their produce and services all over the world.

There are of course pro’s and con’s, threats and opportunities here for local businesses.

It’s a threat because many customers look online, rather than coming to visit your shop. This means your local market will, effectively, shrink, putting your business at risk. However, the internet also offers up opportunities for you to sell anywhere too – so what you may lose locally in sales, you can more than make up for by selling further afield. If you sell wine in Gravesend, you can sell wine in Glasgow too!

However, this is only really possible if you have a channel/medium to sell it from. This is why having a website is so important for your business – it is your shopfront to a worldwide audience.

2. Communicate with new and retained customers

Your website is not just there to sell your products and services, a website is also a way of building your brand, and subsequently relationships with customers so that they become ‘retained’ customers and stay loyal to you and your business. Once you have an impressive website, you have a genuine reason to keep in touch with them over the long term and owners can use this to their considerable advantage.

The website is not just your online brochure, websites now have the functionality to advertise events, products or sales, offer voucher codes, run competitions and much much more. There are plenty of innovative ways to generate new business, and retain the customers so that they come back for more.

Once you have built trust with a customer, it is a proven fact that even when a customer can find something cheaper elsewhere, they are much more likely to stay with a business that they have built a relationship with – this is even becoming the case when people have bought and ordered online.

3. Showcase your products or services to a worldwide audience

Obviously, once your website is up and running, not only can you tell your customers and potential customers that visit your website about your products and services, you can also persuade them to order online.

Modern websites that tend to be designed in a template format allow you to create portfolios of your best work, so if you are an artist, graphic designer or landscape gardener you can showcase the quality of your work. If you work in the retail sector, you can create an e-commerce site so customers can purchase products there and then.

This is important for your business as online buyers expect to be able to see what they are looking for and, if it is for sale, to be able to buy there and then. If they can’t, they’ll almost certainly look elsewhere.

4. Extend your opening hours to 24/7

The beauty of the internet is that it is open 24/7. This means that you do not have to be at your shop, and you can still make sales.

Having a simple contact form on the website means that customers can get in touch with you 24/7 – that would simply not work without a website.

So in conclusion

You will find that more and more people use the internet to research and find local services or products. Their expectation is that every company will have a website – if they have a bad website, it is arguably worse than not having one at all!

From reading our article that is focused on local businesses, you should now understand the importance of having an online presence and how it can benefit you in many different ways.

If you would like to get to discuss how net72 can help you, please fill in the form on our contact page.

How is your current website performing?

If you have a website and are interested in how it is performing, why not try out our free website audit. It is incredibly quick – and enlightening! Click here to try it now!

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